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Latest Live Dragon Tiger Review (2020)

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Latest Live Dragon Tiger Review (2020)

Live Dragon Tiger can be considered by online casino players that looking for a new game. At many different online casinos, this game can be played. Due to its pace and simplicity, it is a favourite game. The basic English deck of 52 cards without jokers or wild cards is played in the game. A blackjack shoe containing six to eight decks is then dealt with the cards. The participants would also not play against the dealer.

Created in Cambodia, Live Dragon Tiger is now very common in Asian countries as well as other countries around the world. Two cards with a spot for the Tiger and the Dragon are played. For players, both experienced gamblers and beginners, it is a very simple game. A few basic tips can make playing the game fun and easy for all to start out playing.

The aim of the game is like Baccarat, where players have to guess which hand will have the highest card, Dragon or Tiger. It’s easy and fun to play a live casino game, but note, there’s always money on the table. So, here are five awesome ways to improve your chances of winning.

live dragon tiger

Tiger or Dragon Bet

The best choice for players who don’t want to focus on strategy or card counting is sticking to Dragon or Tiger bets. Place a bet that will rate the highest on the Dragon or the Tiger Hand. These bets cost better since the edge of the house for these bets is 3%.


The Strategy of Card Counting

To prevent an unfortunate drawing, players who wish to count the cards should rely on this tactic. Live Dragon Tiger uses few cards, making it easy to keep track of how many cards have been dealt, little or large. One can then quickly watch how many sevens are dealt, and a player will lose the bet if a seven is drawn. Overall, it can maximize one’s odds of winning a bet to track and escape these unfortunate sevens.


The Technique of Suit-Based

Another technique for card tracking is to spot which suits have been issued the most. Estimating the sum of suit cards in play, for example, and the number of decks used will help. Doing this would allow a player to decide which suits were most played; thus, the player could bet on the card suit that was least played.


Avoid the Tie Bet and the Suited Tie Bet

Placing a tie bet could result in significant wins, but there are slim chances of winning. Since the house advantage is 32 percent on the tie bet, players may want to stop betting. Out of 86,320 possible combinations of cards, only 6,488 are ties; thus, a loss will result in 79,872 bets. This makes it one of the toughest bets to win with these chances. The suit tie bet of 1,456 bets ending in a tie often has a bad outcome. So, prior to taking on these odds, one should feel very fortunate.

Avoid the Betting Systems in Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a simple game, and the use of betting systems is suggested by some players. Nevertheless, there have been no news from the betting systems of someone winning huge. But, since it’s not worth the risk, it’s best to play without using it.

In Live Dragon Tiger, the use of betting systems never made any match a major winner. So, retreating is more advantageous for players in this style. The big scoop from this style of betting model has not been taken home by any team.

Dragon Tiger is a game of chance, but without tactics, that doesn’t mean it can’t be played. The above tactics will increase one’s chances of winning, so keep them in mind. But most importantly, don’t forget to have fun in Online Live Casino Malaysia!

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