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How To Win Big In Medusa II Slot

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How To Win Big In Medusa II Slot

A Mesmerizing Mythological Slot with Outstanding Features

Medusa is conceivably the most feared women in Greek old stories. She has a head stacked with venomous snakes for her hair, and she can change anyone into stone through eye to eye association. Many have tried to bring down her, anyway only one succeeded. Regardless of the way that devastating her was inconvenient, Perseus, offspring of Zeus, severed her head off and conveyed the analyzed part to his various battles as a prize.

In the PG Soft opening called the Medusa II: The Quest of Perseus, you will play as Perseus to chase down and fight Medusa for extraordinary prizes. This title is the continuation of the engineer’s Medusa I: The Curse of Athena opening. You can proceed with the chase for Medusa any place you go as this game is versatile viable. Keep perusing this survey to discover more about what Medusa II has to bring to the table. Join us now to start your adventure in the most mesmerizing slot game in Mobile Slot Game Malaysia.

medusa II

Graphics and Sounds

Medusa II instantly parades its remarkable arrangement as you load the game. You will see that the screen has a top and base region; thae top shows different developments like Perseus looking for Medusa and doing battling her, while the base has the initial’s reels.

Medusa II: The Quest of Perseus Screenshot 1The title’s 3D plans are bewildering especially with the livelinesss you witness while playing. A representation of this is the way you walk around the leftovers in search for Medusa with each twist. This will get your thought and entice you to turn the reels more.

The space is set in the old leftovers of Athens with Medusa meandering around and arranged to strike you. Worthwhile pictures are Perseus’ huge battle stuff like the Helmet, Torch, Mace, Shield, and Sword. The game moreover has normal card regards that address the low-paying pictures. Other than these, the Perseus Wild similarly graces the title’s reels.

Medusa II’s temperament tunes makes the space seem like it’s anything but a film because of how impeccably tuned its arrangement sounds. Moreover, the sound impacts of the game like the swoosh of the bats flying and the voice of Medusa disparaging you add to the mysterious energy of the remaining parts. The inconceivably curated music viably supplements the title’s amazing arrangement which is at least an.

Bonuses and Special Features

Soul Stone Collection

Right when you get three Soul Stones, you will impel the Free Spins feature of the game. There are three distinct approaches to get these stones: the Pot Selection feature, Stone Reel incorporate, and by connecting with Medusa when she appears randomly after a twist.

You have a blue meter that exhibits the quantity of twists you have before your Soul Stones are void. At the point when the blue meter shows up toward the end, your Soul Stones’ check gets back to nothing and the meter resets. In any case, you can re-energize three twists in case you get a Blue Potion while playing.

Battling Medusa can end with three outcomes. Exactly when Medusa appears in the wake of turning and you don’t have any victorious combo, she breaks one of your Soul Stones. However, if you have a combo of rewarding pictures, you attack her and get a Soul Stone subsequently. Meanwhile, in case you simply win low-paying picture combos, she would not have the alternative to break your Soul Stone and leaves.


Stone Reel

This feature randomly initiates during base game while no different highlights are on. Up to three Stone Reels may show up on any reel during a spin. At the point when the spinning closes, the Stone Reels will open up to uncover an arbitrary image that will make coordinating with combos on the reels. You can likewise get up to two Soul Stones or a Blue potion with this reward.


Free Spins

You are gifted with 10 free spins subsequent to getting three Soul Stones. During the free spins, Medusa will show up with a wellbeing bar over her. You will be assaulting her during each spin. In the event that you land lucrative image combos, you will assault her again with a higher harm comparative with the sum you won. Getting Medusa’s wellbeing to zero methods you have crushed her.

Wilds arriving on any reel during free spins will make Medusa transform the Wild-containing reel into stone. These stoned reels will be held set up for the following free spin. Subsequent to remaining set up for one spin, the accompanying three spins will transform these stoned reels into stacked Wilds, giving you more odds of winning.

In the event that you rout Medusa inside the 10 free spins, you get an extra five free spins. In any case, this time, Perseus will spin his shield in each round to uncover the quantity of extra Wilds that will be added to the reels. You can get up to nine extra Wilds. These show up on reels 2, 3, and 4 in particular. During these spins, not any more Wild-containing reels transform into stone since Medusa is now crushed.

Join us now in Online Slot Game Malaysia to try out the mesmerizng Medusa Slot Game!

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