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Tips to Win Pragmatic Slot Online (2020)

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Tips to Win Fire Strike Pragmatic Slot (2020)

Pragmatic Play has managed to establish their name within the gaming industry and amongst players. And there’s a good reason why. They have been Pragmatic Play has been in the game for a few years now. For the past few years, they’ve been turning out games like madness. Now, clearly, at the moment that Pragmatic Play keeps rolling out new games, one would assume that they are pushing out of quantity instead of quality.

While, of course, most of their slots are better than others. However, we can actually see quite a lot of decent slots coming from the company. Click here to check out some of the trending pragmatic slots! Continue to read if you wish to know more about tips on winning pragmatic slots online.

fire strike

How to Play Fire Strike Slot

Fire Strike is a well-crafted slot that ran by Pragmatic Play and features 5 reels and 10 paylines. The game is featured with a bit of rock music mixed with some glitz, fast-rhythm gameplay and lucky 7s make this game a great balance of slot machines and modern-day slot games. Let’s give this blazing action a spin here for fun at Online Slot Game Malaysia.

The game itself is inspired by classic fruit machines, there’s actually not much to describe in terms of the game features. It’s all about the Fire Strike Bonus here, which simply boils down to landing as many Fire Strike symbols as you can with a single spin. If you strike 6 or more of these anywhere on the reels (they don’t need to connect on a payline), you’ll win an instant cash reward as below:


6 of a kind rewards your stake 1 time.
7 of a kind rewards your stake 2 times.
8 of a kind rewards your stake 8 times.
9 of a kind rewards your stake 25 times.
10 of a kind rewards your stake 50 times.
11 of a kind rewards your stake 150 times.
12 of a kind rewards your stake 500 times.
13 of a kind rewards your stake 1,000 times.
14 of a kind rewards your stake 2,500 times.
15 of a kind triggers 25,000 times your stake Grand Jackpot.


Fire Strike (Pragmatic Play): Verdict

As you’ve seen, Fire Strike is quick and quite familiar to many other fruit slots we’ve seen in the past. What makes it apart is the expanded reel format and the great chance, even though you are highly unlikely to hit the 25.000x jackpot. And speaking of possibilities, Pragmatic Play certainly has a lot to show when it comes to guaranteed max payouts. In the past, the studio advertised a shockingly high potential in games such as Da Vinci ‘s Treasure (48,000x) and Extra Juicy (60,000x), but it seems to be unbelievable, as even 1/3 of the mentioned potential surface has yet to be seen anywhere.

Medium variance, Fire Strike won’t fall out the equilibrium as easily as some of Pragmatic’s other offers, and we’ve also managed to make it to the top in our two-hour test round and we are able to win a 500x victory. That’s the standard that we’re urging you to set your goals, even though there’s, of course, a chance to win considerably more than that. Overall, Fire Strike is a good fruit slot with a new twist, but not one we’re likely to replay if we couldn’t catch the tactic.

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